10 Unexpected Ways To Use Cushions In Your Interior Store Space

10 unexpected ways to use cushions in your interior store space

There is currently a huge demand for unique and fashionable cushions in Australia. If you have a boutique or store, this trend is something you need to embrace!

Cushions create a feeling of comfort and relaxation, and they add a real touch of personality to your space.They are one of the most striking and visible pieces in a room. 


By complimenting your artwork and furniture with cushions, you create a more inviting atmosphere, which makes your customers more likely to buy from you. Visitors to your store will instantly feel more comfortable in your store.


So, what are the best ways to use cushions to bring out life in your store or space? Here we look at ten ways to use cushions to great effect, which will guide you in making the right choice for your space.



1. Cushions on sofas and chairs

Sofas and chairs are ideal spaces for cushions. Putting together a collection of cushions in your space is an art form and will transform your sofas and chairs instantly. If you want a tidy, elegant appearance, you can arrange cushions neatly in a row on the chair or sofa. Position them more randomly if you are aiming for a more casual, relaxed vibe.


Cushions can even be used to add a spark of interest to a streamlined, minimalist store design. A single cushion on a modern chair or sofa can provide a contrasting burst of colour against a modern toned furnishings. When you’re selecting cushions to go on a sofa – indoors or outdoors – you should aim to not completely cover the sofa itself. Odd numbers work well, especially if you are going to mix and match sizes and shapes.



2. Cushions on beds


The most inviting beds look luxurious and comfortable, as well as stylish. Your customer needs to imagine themselves sinking into the bed, and the right cushions are exactly the technique that give the ultimate visual appeal.

Choose opulent fabrics like velvet, and a variety of rich colours, creating a perfectly coordinated look with the bed linen for maximum effect. Cushions with distinguishing textures will also help to give a room depth, which helps to emphasise the other materials and fabrics in the bedding.



3. Cushions on ottomans



An ottoman is an extremely practical item to have in your store, as it offers an extra surface space as well as giving the store more visual appeal. But if you want to impress, you’ll need to dress the ottoman up so your customers can envisage this piece of furniture as a stylish accessory in the home.

Cushions offer an ideal way to do this as they dress an ottoman up. You can place the ottoman at the foot of a bed, for example, and have a few cushions arranged on top.



4. Cushions in baskets


If you have baskets on display, you want your customers to imagine the functionality of the basket as well as its aesthetic appeal. You can perform a clever trick here by using your baskets and cushions to effectively advertise each other.

By placing cushions in your basket, your customers are more likely to notice both items. The texture of the basket will make the softness of the cushions stand out. At the same time, the contrast of the cushions will help your customers to envisage the baskets alongside the soft furnishings in their homes. An ideal solution all round!




5. Cushions on benches and stools



Benches and stools are now very popular accessories, adding rustic charm or a contemporary “upcycled” look to your store décor. However, without accessories, these can look a little plain and even cold. Cushions offer the perfect way to dress up a bench or stool and make it appear more inviting.


A single cushion works well when positioned on top of a stool, while a bench can easily take three cushions to enhance its appearance. If the bench or stool has no back, position it against a wall and stand the cushions on it this way. Instead of imagining themselves leaning against a hard wall, your customers can envisage themselves having all the comfort and back support they need, for a much more welcoming and relaxing experience.




6. Arrange cushions in odd numbers


Odd numbers of cushions look more visually appealing than even numbers. From a single cushion on a chair or on top of a stool, to three cushions on a sofa or bench, an odd number will always add a more welcoming, less “planned” feel.


On a bed, you can get away with even greater numbers of cushions to create softness and depth. The number you use is up to you, as long as it is an odd number. However, the most popular look is probably the 2-2-1 format. Start with two matching cushions at the back against the pillows. Then add two more contrasting cushions in front of these. Complete the look with a single rectangular cushion at the front in a different fabric and design, for the ultimate visual interest.


7. Play with texture


One of the main purposes of cushions is to add more aesthetic appeal to pieces of furniture. The key is to keep experimenting with arrangements until you find what you like. Once you know the textures work well together, you’ve struck gold!

For example, a wool cushion placed next to a cotton or linen cushion on a lounge/sofa or bed can give a fresh, modern look which is still warm and welcoming. On a bed, mix luxurious fabrics such as satin, velvet and faux fur, for a truly romantic and comfortable look.




8. Mix different colours and patterns


Choosing the right cushions will bring the entire look of your store together. For a minimalist style, you can choose plain cushions which are only a slightly different shade from the sofa or chair, then provide a little extra interest by adding a cushion which has this colour as its base but features a strong contrasting pattern.

Alternatively, you can create complete contrasts with brightly coloured cushions against neutral-toned furniture items. Black and white geometric patterns are also ideal, as they coordinate well with practically any colour and style.




9. Choose different cushion shapes


Not all cushions have to be square. Rectangular and even circular cushions can work particularly well alongside more traditional square cushions on a bed, giving the arrangement more originality and a tactile quality.

If you choose natural cushion fillings rather than man-made, you will also find it easier to manipulate your cushions into different shapes, making them look more “lived-in” and creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort.


10. Let your cushions reflect your own style


The whole point of having your own boutique or store is to reflect your individual style or brand. If you want your store to stand out from the crowd, it should reflect elements of your own identity. So, don’t be afraid to be bold in your choice of cushions! You set the tone and style of your business.


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