Gift Fairs in Melbourne: Are there really three in August?


For first timers and seasoned buyers, gift fairs can definitely be a bit daunting! Lets face it, Melbourne coffee in one hand and arctic winds whizzing past, you’ve got every right to be questioning the direction you’re heading. 


But if its wholesale homewares and wholesale giftware products you’re seeking, then listen up….


The main destination these days, is the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank. It sits smack bang in the middle of the DFO shopping centre on one end and the Casino down the other end. 


Hope you like my pretty drawing below!



In the past there’s been an extension of this fair out at the showgrounds. Don’t go there!!You’ll be bitterly disappointed as there's no gift fairs there anymore. 


SO…. you’ve made it to the exhibition centre - great work! There are actually 2 Gift fairs on here.



1. AGHA Gift Fair (Doors 9-21)


This is the Gift Fair organised by the Australian Gift & Homewares Association. Incidentally, this is where Rayell exhibits so make sure you come and say Helloooo! We like being in this section because it supports the industry in which we all work in day to day. 



Rayell Fair 2019




2. REED Gift Fair (Doors 1-9)

Reed Gift Fairs organise this fair so make sure you check out both fairs. You’d be crazy not to if they’re right next to each other. 


But wait, there's MORE…...



3. Life in Style (Royal Exhibition Building)


Although not technically a Gift fair, this fair has more upper end, bespoke and designer style products. Definitely worth a look if that's your bag.


Some people stay overnight. Some stay a week! Whatever your angle, here’s a few tips:





Tip 1: Layer up and walk light! You’re going to rack up a few kms in walking so comfy shoes and a light bag is key (or one on wheels!). There are free cloak rooms so use those to check in anything heavy. 


Tip 2: Free parking at the AGHA gift fair and free shuttles too. Check it out on their website. Save that money for a round of champagne after your buying journey!


Tip 3: My 6 month old iPhone still manages to run out of battery on days like this. Taking a million photos, using maps (because yes you will get geographically confused) really depletes the juice. Take a power bank or a spare cord. You’d be surprised the number of customers that charge their phone whilst on our stand!


Speaking of stands, we have one of the biggest at the AGHA Gift Fair so you’d be hard pressed missing us. With over a thousand wholesale homeware and giftware products on display, meet the humans behind Rayell and touch, feel, visualise our products in real life. 






As a final tip, gift fairs are FUN! Enjoy the moment, Enjoy all that Melbourne has to offer and look forward to seeing you all in person!

For an up to date list of all the trade and gift fairs we will attend in 2019/2020, check out this trade fairs page!
See you at the fair!
AGHA, Exhibition Halls Doors 11-19, Stand 1114