Everything You Need to Know About How to Buy Wholesale for Your Retail Business


Wholesale buying is a common worry when starting a new business, as small business owners struggle to find where to source merchandise to sell in their retail stores. Constant worrying about stock and inventory is also amongst the struggles new entrepreneurs can face. At Rayell, we help you minimise the issues with sourcing products that are ready to sell. We won’t just support your business, we will also help you grow your business persistently.


What Products Can I Buy in Bulk at Rayell?

Bulk wholesale buys with Rayell is the best option if you are starting a new business. At Rayell, we provide wholesale of homewares, artworks, and giftware items. We always look forward to providing our valued customers with amazing on-trend products at affordable prices.


Help your customers decorate their home and office with our exclusive artwork pieces. Rayell offers an extensive range of canvas prints to create a great atmosphere at an affordable price. From relaxing beach scenes and seascapes, to dramatic nature and wildlife photographs, or abstract and realistic paintings, our artworks are the perfect touch for any room. Rayell also features the very unique artworks of our local talents. Be delighted with our unique  Artist Lab Collections. These tactile designs won’t just entertain you, but can also make you really fall in love with Australian native wildlife.


Retail customers are looking for ways to improve their homes, so why not suggest new cushions for the lounge room?  We have two varieties of cushions; the indoor cushions which are made from quality fabrics (including velvet and cotton) and the outdoor cushions which are made with weather-resistant fabrics (brings a touch of comfort to outdoor areas). There are over 100 cushion options available for you and your customers.


For our wholesale customers, we also offer a beautiful and varied range of giftware. We will help you provide your customers with the perfect gifts for all the special occasions in their lives. Our giftwares include Quote Art, Bags & Accessories, and Decor 


How to find a wholesaler?

Google searches are the easiest way to find new wholesalers, just make sure you include the terms ‘wholesale’ and ‘Australia’ to narrow down your search.


You can also attend industry trade shows - Rayell exhibit at the AGHA Gift Fair twice a year. This brings together a huge number of suppliers under one roof and you can walk around to each supplier and see what they have to offer.



As a wholesale retailer, we aim to offer high-quality products at the best possible prices. Behind everything we do is our desire to be the best we can be.  We’re passionate about homewares and our customers so please get in touch to let us know how we can assist you.  We are just an email, phone call or online chat away!