Have You Noticed Anything Different About Our Website Lately?





With the changing needs of our retailers, both bricks and mortar and online, we wanted to be ahead of the curve and concentrate on bringing you more new products, more often!  We know that keeping your customers interested and engaged is the first step in the strategy for navigating these tricky times.


So, to remain committed to regular product offerings, we have taken the decision about returning products out of our hands and placed it into yours!

Rather than us making the decision on what we think you want us to bring back, you will see that when a product is out of stock there is a “Notify Me” option which allows you to register your interest in having this product return.  It couldn’t be simpler! The volume of these requests will determine whether we bring the product back!



Even better is when the product returns to stock, you will be notified by email, along with an image of the product to jog your memory.  The decision is then yours as to whether you wish to create an order with this product or pass it up! 


The “Notify Me” system is perfect for quick product popularity identification which frees our team up to create more new and exciting products on a more regular basis!  This is just one of the ways that Rayell is looking to continually improve!


We love feedback, so if there is any suggestions you have that would make ordering or working with Rayell, we’d love to hear it.  Send all suggestions to marketing@rayell.com