How To Create A Lifestyle Story



How To Create A Lifestyle Story





We love a good story here at Rayell, so we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to help you create a great story in your own store!



Why is creating a story important?



The age old phrase of ‘Show, don’t tell,’ is key here!
By nature, humans are drawn to visuals. Merchandising stock is the perfect chance to SHOW your customers exactly how they could use the product in their own life. Not only does this allow you to pull a look together, it also creates upsell and add-on opportunities to increase your average transaction value! (who doesn’t love that?)

Visual merchandising truly is the silent and savvy salesperson!



What is a story? 




A story is when you merchandise products together to literally… tell a story! It can be function based or lifestyle based. For example, a function based story could be a gardening display, where you merchandise products that are actually used in that setting ( think pots, plant markers, faux plants etc.) A lifestyle based story could be a Hamptons look, where you group similar themed colours and styles to create a coastal aesthetic.



How To Create Your Story



Choose a theme, function, lifestyle look or colour palette for your story

This is your chance to get inside your customers head. To think about who they are, what they like and what they might need. Get to know your demographic. Also consider the season you are in, current trends and the calendar (ie. Christmas, Mothers day)



Choose your products





Incorporate products of differing shapes and sizes to add interest and a mix of “hard” and “soft” items for a well rounded feel. (“Hard” or “Soft” refers to the surface texture. Hard = coffee table, planter, mirror. Soft = cushion, plant, throw) Also be sure to include products with differing price points, to encourage add-ons. 

Make sure the items make sense in the story.


Some examples are below:



A living room lifestyle story might include.




A Potting or Garden story might include.





Style your items!



1. Choose your structure first ( i.e your table or display shelves etc)
2. Place your biggest items first (i.e artwork or furniture etc)
3. Add in your accents or focal points
4. Move in your smaller items
5. Work with your pyramid/triangle/diagonal rules
6. Tweak until it looks right!


Our Inhouse VM Amber has created a Deco Conservatory Story just for you with some of our beautiful products here at Rayell.





Here’s how she did it:


1. The first pieces she chose were the deco tables and the artwork. These pieces set the Deco tone she built upon.
2. Deep, moody greens, black details and gold accents were sourced across our range of cushions, throws, hooks, pots and decor items.
3. Finding the palette quite heavy (going into the QLD summer season) she softened the look with a few pieces in natural, cream and white.
4. She styled everything together creating height and layers by using the furniture pieces, keeping in mind the show of function and surface visibility.





We hope you are inspired to create your own beautiful stories in-store!


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