How to Get Your Retail Store to Stand Out & Attract Foot Traffic


How to Get Your Retail Store to Stand Out & Attract Foot Traffic


If there’s one way to increase sales in your store, it’s getting customers over the threshold. It sounds easy, but how exactly do you persuade visitors to step into your store?

To find out how to attract customers and boost store foot traffic, take a look at our 10 top tips to sending more customers your way… and bringing them back time after time.

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1. Give your storefront a makeover

No one will give a second thought to an un-enticing shop front. Spruce up a tired look with fresh paint and signage, choosing colours that reflect your offer. So if you’re known for stocking premium artwork in vibrant shades like this bright collage, keep your colour scheme fresh and bright too.

Photo credit: Zimmerstewart at English Wikipedia [CC0]


Keep your door fixtures and fittings and glass cleaned on a daily basis. And make sure that you look open and ready for business by having your lighting on and your store assistants bustling about to create an impression of inviting vibrancy.


2. Dress your windows for success

First impressions count. That’s why your window display needs to be an invitation to customers to work through the door.

Make it topical or seasonal, so at Christmas time show off your range of gifts such as these eye-catching coconut lacquered interior décor bowls in a vibrant gold or the Belinda Ballerina light box to give a seasonal glow to your display. And switch up the stock in your display on a regular basis to ensure you have an interesting and enticing offer all year round.


3. Thought for the day

A thought-provoking or witty message on a sandwich board outside your premises will stop potential customers in their tracks. Relate it back to items you have in stock, so let passers-by know that you have a great selection of lanterns and lighting available with a simple picture of a candle or lightbulb and a catchphrase such as “Let there be light!”.

You can also use a sandwich board to tell potential customers about sales, events or special offers.


4. Social media

You can’t ignore the power of social media these days. Make sure you keep your channels up to date with posts about new items in stock, sales and events. Remember that social media relies on great photography and tempting colour palettes, so set up your shots carefully to show off an attractive, well-stocked space.

Make it easy for customers to share their experience at your store by displaying a hashtag and your social media details with an attractive backdrop, perfect for selfies.

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5. Offer classes relevant to your products

Using an area in your store as a space to teach people about your products will inevitably lead them through the doors and provide a great experience that they can share, inspiring others to visit too.

It makes sense that if you sell art supplies, you can offer watercolour lessons. Or if you stock sports gear, offer a yoga or pilates class. And if you stock homeware, why not offer a wildlife-inspired art class based on this gorgeous Harper the Owl glass artwork?


6. Hold other events in your store

Offering events in your store gives customers a unique experience that they won’t find online. It will also give them the opportunity to make purchases at the event.

Link your event to your stock, so if you specialise in quality homeware products, run an interior design workshop so that customers can plan out and pick up all they need for a beautiful home in a one-stop-shop experience.


7. Make the most of nature

Use the natural world to attract potential customers’ eyes to your store. Even better if your floral display matches merchandise in the store. Why not match your lush planting with products in your window and store? Echo nature’s vibrant tones with this Blooming Summer Flowers canvas print or the lush greenery of this Palm Collage canvas print.


Photo credit: Kendal Miller


8. Don’t neglect your website

It sounds counter-intuitive, but having a well-presented website that is easy to navigate plays a part in leading customers through your door. Many people like to scope out a product on a website, but still like to see how it looks and feels in real-life before they make their purchasing decision. Make it clear on your website that you welcome visits to your store, making a friendly and warm impression.

Provide a click-and-collect service so that you entice customers over the threshold and expose them to more of your products.


9. Exemplary customer service

It follows that you need to provide an excellent standard of customer service to get people to keep coming back to your store – and passing on the message to their contacts too.

Ensure that your staff are trained and enthusiastic, and know how to greet and serve your customers. This starts from the minute the customer walks in through the door, so make sure that the training is all-encompassing.


10. Reel old customers back in

No one likes to feel forgotten, so get back in touch with anyone who has purchased from you previously and remind them you’re there.

Send them a personalised message at strategic times such as the turn of the season when they will be thinking about revamping their home décor. Suggest easy ways to freshen up their interior look by adding accents such as cushions or canvas prints.

Add in a personalised discount or special offer, and you have even more chance of reigniting your relationship.


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