How To Style A Coffee Table

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With the recent arrival of our beautiful coffee table collection we asked our in-house stylist Amber for some tips and tricks on styling up the perfect coffee table. Whether you are a retailer hoping to style up a coffee table in-store and pass a few tips to customers, or a property stylist looking for inspiration for your next job, this blog is for you!


The coffee table is the heart of the living room and the perfect place to combine function with a story of who resides within the space. Coffee table styling within a retail store can be a great way to upsell all your decorator accents or sell the table itself!


STEP #1: Decide on your colour palette or style.


There are so many choices when it comes to coffee tables. You could go for something with a glass top or something to suit a coastal setting with rattan features. Once you have your coffee table selected, then it is time to decide on the theme for styling it. This should work to enhance the style of the coffee table you are dressing. For example, if you have a coastal rattan table, choose beachy colours and hamptons style products to go with it. By working with the style of the coffee table the decorator items can become an add on to a sale.


STEP #2: Add some books!


Beautiful inspiring books are a must have item on your coffee table (magazines are also a great option). Select colours and sizes which work together and group accordingly. If you are in retail it’s a great way to get a few more books on your shop floor.


STEP #3: Add some greenery


Plants are another great inclusion to bring your table to life. Whether real or fake they provide a fresh accent to any space. Choosing the correct pot to house it in will also add to the overal aesthetic of the table and add yet another upsell for retail customers! When choosing a pot, go for something that matches the palette/style and choose a size that isn't too overbearing in relation to the size of the table top. 


STEP #4: Positioning


Position some of the bigger items and focal features first, this will help to form a structured base for you to embellish with the smaller details. Cluster objects and leave space on the surface for practical purposes. In a retail setting this allows the customer to view the coffee table while also seeing it in function.


STEP #5: Embellish!



Coffee Table Embellishments


A coaster set makes perfect sense on a coffee table adding both detail and practicality. Look to include items of differing heights and sizes to add interest and achieve ‘Highs and Lows’.


Candles bring a little ambience to the setting. Select some scented ones to further entice the senses. A base of some kind will anchor a grouping of candles as well as protect the surface of your coffee table.


STEP #6: Final Touches


Add in any finishing decorator accents. Remember: sometimes less is more!




A beautiful box placed on the shelf beneath can hide and house remote controls.
Decorative bowls are also a practical addition.


When dressing a glass top coffee table with a shelf beneath, keep the styling simple.
The items placed below will also read in the styling above.


Glass Table Top


There you have it! Rayell's guide to coffee table styling.
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