Introducing: The Dogs of Rayell!




Recently we had a VERY fun day at Rayell HQ, where all of the team’s canine friends were invited to the office for a pawsitively adorable puppy photoshoot!


As you can imagine, a quiet Wednesday morning turned into absolute chaos as 6 dogs arrived, but we managed to get them all to behave (by bribing them with treats of course!)


After a bit of butt sniffing and zoomies around the desks, we took each doggo downstairs for their moment in the spotlight. This meant even more bribery with treats and infinite patience by our photographer!


With some clever editing, we managed to get this very festive photo of the dogs of Rayell

Dogs posing together

Here are some hilarious and fun facts about our furry models!




Introducing: Lulu Bartlett




Lulu the chocolate labrador



I am Lulu the chocolate Labrador! I have a WHOLE basket of toys and everytime my humans come home I race and grab a toy to give it to them so they know how much i’ve missed them. 


I have to share my space with a weird looking dog - it has super sharp claws and makes scary hissing sounds which I don’t like. I won’t go anywhere near it! My humans have to shield me otherwise I will run the other way.


My absolute favourite time is when my humans aren’t around and they leave yummy food in plastic containers. It is such a fun game to try and open the lids, it keeps me occupied for HOURS and they are always full of the best tasting treats.




Introducing: Hugo Robinson



My name is Hugo and I am a Maltese x Shih tzu. My humans buy me LOTS of toys but there is nothing better than a stick from the garden or playing ‘tag’ with flies. 


I like making friends with other animals, one time I made a friend with a snake and brought it inside to show Grandad. He didn’t seem to like him as much as me and made him go outside again.


My humans have this big, comfortable pillow for me to play in. It makes this funny rustling noise and it is my favourite thing to do!





Introducing: Quinn Robinson




I’m Quinn and I'm a Toy poodle x Shih tzu. I am the older, wiser brother of Hugo Robinson!

My favourite game is tug of war and playing with any toys I can chew

...including Mum’s bra! 


I have this really nifty way of getting my humans to pay attention to me, I just keep sneezing! It works every time. 


I will do anything for cheese or corn chips, I'm really good at remembering my tricks when those are around.


Introducing: Sable Humphreys






My name is Sable and I am an English Bulldog. I can be a bit cheeky but my humans love me very much! 


My favourite toy is a deflated football - my little humans gave it to me and it is great for chewing.


My humans laugh at me because when it is time to go to the toilet, sometimes I forget that i am still going and start walking away, leaving a trail of poop for them to pick up!! They also laugh at me when i’m sleeping, apparently I make some VERY loud noises!




Introducing: Nala Styles



My name is Nala and I am a Border Collie. I absolutely love my humans, they are the best! Sometimes when I need a bit of attention they let me jump up on their work chairs and hug them.


My humans say I am such a good girl, but one time I mistakenly took their bed as a place to go to the toilet… so now i’m not allowed up there. 


My favourite toy is Mr Fox, he has all of this white fluff inside that is so much fun to pull out. After I pull the white fluff out my humans take him away and he comes back looking better than ever with NEW fluff for me to play with!! It’s great!

We hope you have loved hearing about the very adorable and spoilt Rayell pooches.
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The Rayell Team