New Season Collection Part One - Trends


Welcome to part one of Rayell's new season collection! We caught up with Amber, our stylist so she can walk you through our three key trends and her top tips for styling them in store.



New Season Collection: Part One 



Why is breaking up your product into trends important?


When you have an abundance of different products it can become a little confusing, imagine what it is like for the customer! By breaking up your product into trends or categories you can appeal directly to a particular customer or demographic. It shows that your store has something for a variety of different tastes and when customers come into your store, they will naturally be drawn to a display or category, depending on their own personal style. By creating coherent collections in store you create harmony and reduce ‘visual clutter.’ These are just fancy words to say that it makes it easier for the customer to shop because their eye is being guided throughout the displays. It also presents add-on opportunities - when you create these collections the customer can see how everything works together, encouraging the customer to pick up more items! If you need some more info on creating stories, check out this blog here 



What is a trend?


A trend is what is happening in the marketplace at this moment in time and is a key opportunity for retailers or stylists to capitalise on any hype or current fashion based need. Trends are generally fast paced, but these days, with a very open global market, many different tastes need to be met.



How do you identify a trend?


  1. Keep an eye on what is happening in the marketplace
  2. Look at what key retailers and influencers are doing
  3. Peruse social media platforms, particularly Pinterest and Instagram
  4. Look what is happening in overseas markets
  5. Look to Fashion - Homewares are usually just a season behind
  6. Look at what is available to you from your product wholesaler!



From these sources you will begin to see common elements - they might be colours, shapes, patterns, textures or actual products. Once you have identified these elements you can start piecing together collections you think would work for your store and your customers.



We have identified three key trends coming out of our new season. We looked at colours, shapes and external trends to come up with: Midnight Garden, Inner Sanctum and Winter Daze.



Explore our trends below!




Midnight Garden


Midnight Garden



This look is for our Nursery Stockists. The winter months can sometimes be a little slower as people move indoors. We have a range of products that can bring the outdoors in or cosy up an outside space. This look is about creating a moody winter-festival feel. Think festoon lighting, friends rugged up in textured throws. Drinking hot chocolate (or mulled wine!!) on a crisp winter night.



Top Tips For Styling:




Midnight Garden: Detail



Watch our stylist in action: Midnight Garden




Inner Sanctum


Inner Sanctum



This collection has been thoughtfully put together for our homewares stockists. Inner Sanctum is a retreat to your own personal space. Layered and textured, detail is everything. Soft eucalypt greens, warm denim blue, neutrals and white create a clean sense of calm. For the rainy days spent curled up in a chair with a book and cup of tea.



Top Tips For Styling:




Inner Sanctum: Detail



Watch our stylist in action: Inner Sanctum





Winter Daze


Winter Daze



This curated collection is for our design savvy stylists. It is warm and intriguing with a focus on shape. The Mid Century Modern elements create a very trend driven aesthetic, perfect for styling up a home in the current market. The warm tones create a sense of earthen calm as you unwind in the early afternoon sun.



Top Tips For Styling:




Winter Daze: Detail



Watch our stylist in action: Winter Daze






We hope you like our new collection as much as we do!

You can shop the new collection here.