The Rayell Team - Part 1 - Boss Man

Introducing the Boss Man himself: Kevin Porter




We think we have the best Chief around!  Always up for a laugh and a practical joke, and like a naughty school boy he can often be found bending the Rayell rules whilst whispering “don’t tell Laura!”


Kevin is a born entrepreneur.  He loves nothing more than working on Rayell to keep us moving forward and continually improving our systems and service to our customers.  Not one to dictate from the top, he is often found in the trenches with the rest of the team. He is as comfortable helping out in the warehouse as he is leading our meetings.  To top it off, he does it all with a cracking sense of humour!


He has a wealth of experience, from a Business and Marketing degree and work experience at home and abroad in a range of industries.  One thing remains the same though - his drive and desire for continual change and improvement.


In 2019 the Rayell team has to share our Chief with not only his wife and young son, but with his twin daughters that are due shortly!  


What inspires you when decorating your own home?

I believe in mixing trend based decor with pieces in your home that reflect you as a person or family. Special pieces from worldly travels, cute family photos and bargain gumtree finds are some great pieces I like to mix in with styling a room.


My favourite homewares item from home
I can't decide! Here is two!


How would you describe your decorating style?

A well-decorated room should invoke emotion and i feel that is the most important thing. For example, when i walk into my home office, the woodgrain textures, navy tones and my 'mancave' display of big boy toys get me excited every time i walk in the door! It also helps when Siri turns my light on and plays my favourite tunes!



Thanks Kevin!
Stay tuned to meet the rest of the Rayell team