The Rayell Team - Part 2 - Ultimate Girl Boss

Introducing Our Ultimate Girl Boss: Laura Bartlett





She’s our problem-solver, interior decorator, data lover, trusted manager and office mum. There are very few things Laura cannot solve and you can always count on her for great advice; about homewares and about life! She loves to play devil’s advocate, which makes for many fun debates between her and the Boss Man, Kevin.

Laura has always had a hand in business. She ran successful companies of her own (Interior Design, Homewares, Furniture Design) in Singapore, where she lived for 17 years and gained a wealth of knowledge that Rayell benefits from every day.  

A driving force, Laura keeps us all on track and is one of the first to offer to help. She has 3 gorgeous children (who are known to pop in from time to time!) and an office full of Rayell children!!


What inspires you when decorating your own home?

I love strong colour against a white backdrop - that seems to be the only constant throughout my home. I've never been a fan of the "matchy-matchy" style of interior decorating and believe that your home should reflect your personality and your experiences. I don't choose pieces because I think they will fit with my decor, I choose them because I love them and then somehow it all tends to work out (or at least I think it does!)


My favourite homewares item from home

My bedhead has always been my favourite thing in my home.  I moved about 18 months ago and it didn't fit up the stairs because of the size of it - my world was not right and it really upset me!  Took me a while but I found a fabulous guy who come over and carefully unpicked the fabric, cut the wood, moved the bedhead and lovingly put it all back together for me.  I now cannot move for a very long time!

I love strong shades of blues and greens and looked for ages for some artwork that I loved that incorporated these colours.  Working for a homewares wholesaler I see art and homewares all day every day and while I really love a lot of the pieces I struggle to look at something all day at work and then have it on my wall at home.  So eventually I headed online and found a gorgeous framed print which now hangs proudly in my bedroom. Being a single mum to 3 kids, my bedroom is my sanctuary!



How would you describe your decorating style?

I have a bit of an eclectic style and take bits and pieces I like from different aesthetics.  I love clean lines and lots of white, but accented with strong colours. Natural fibres are important to me as well as really well made furniture.  I guess my interior styling goals are to create a space that is beautiful but very liveable and a place where my family and friends feel welcome and comfortable.


Thanks Laura!
Stay tuned to meet the rest of the Rayell team