The Rayell Team - Part 3 - Product Queen

Introducing Our Product Queen: Kim Robinson






There simply isn’t an image, fabric or homeware product that doesn’t pass her desk with each and every one of them chosen with the utmost care and consideration, and sometimes a little stress!

Kim has mastered the art of dealing with international factories and can often be found rocking quietly in the corner when one or more of her containers get delayed!

After studying a degree in Fine Arts and Education, Kim always knew she wanted to forge a career with a creative outlet so re-trained with a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. Because launching over 1,000 products a year for Rayell is not enough for her to do, we also ask her to plan and design the format for our two major trade shows!  And because that still isn’t enough, she produces our two catalogues every year!

Kim is our go-to girl for all things products, creativity and whenever we have a tech issue!


What inspires you when decorating your own home?

I draw inspiration from the world around me. Colours, textures and found objects inspire the starting point for my spaces.


My favourite homewares item from home

I don't have a favourite pieces as such, but this workbench/stool which was found on a kerbside adventure trip is up there!




How would you describe your decorating style?

I love creating spaces with warmth and stories. We bring pieces we love into our home, more than often not second hand, and work them into our spaces. I combine eclectic found pieces mixed with modern pieces to create rooms with heart. It needs to feel warm, look inviting and be functional.





Thanks Kim!
Make sure you say Hi to her at the upcoming Sydney Gift Fair!