The Rayell Team - Part 7 - Freighting Expert

Introducing Our Freighting Expert : Stef McDonald




A little something about our Stef!


To get to know Rayell, you really need to start with Stef!  Our resident crazy Kiwi handles our sales order co-ordination and sees all our customer’s orders from start to finish!  If there is ever anyone to seek favour with at Rayell it’s Stef!


Vibrant and always bright and cheery, Stef can always be relied upon to tell you exactly how things are!


She has a background working for homewares retailers in NZ and has a passion for work environments that are inclusive, fun and that don’t take themselves too seriously!  Rayell and Stef are a match made in homewares heaven!



What inspires you when decorating your own home?


I'm pretty sentimental- so have lots of things scattered throughout from great great and great-grandmothers/fathers and grandparents and everything has a story.


My favourite homewares item from home


These items all have ties to family and friends!




How would you describe your decorating style?


Hmm, my darling husband buys nice wooden furniture, I get sick of it, and paint it. so he'll say "you promise you wont paint this"- but I cant promise that! So I would say, shabby chic, rustic crossed with what my husband finds comfortable or likes!




Thanks Stef!