The Wholesale Industry: What Has Happened To Stock Availability?

What Has Happened To Stock Availability?


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To say that 2020 is one for the books is an understatement! There is no doubt that wholesalers and retailers alike felt doom and gloom when the pandemic hit our shores in March this year. There was almost a fearful resignation that our industry would be hit hard with scant sales and an abundance of stock. The reality of this crazy year, couldn’t be further away from that dire prediction!


With more people spending time at home and the focus on all things domestic and family, it would seem that Australia is starting to pay attention to their living spaces. The money usually spent on dinners out, getaways and bigger family holidays, is now spent creating an aesthetic that brings peace and comfort in these strange times. This is ultimately a great thing for retailers!


Whilst we were initially cautious and conservative in our stock planning, wholesale warehouses have been emptied at an alarming rate as it appears as if all retailers and designers are jostling for whatever stock is available to capitalise on this boom.  


During the early days of the pandemic, when the industry was seeing a positive return, rather than the negativity predicted, our overseas factories were only just trickling back into production, often with reduced workforces. Coupled with the worldwide demand for stock, these factories have been playing catch up ever since. Stock production timing has blown out with longer lead times and this has been further exacerbated by delays in shipping. Overworked and understaffed ports, whilst trying to pay respect to social distancing, have added to the woes of longer lead times! The end result is constantly moving timeframes and containers arriving on top of each other.







So where does this leave you, the customer? Pre-order programs have been offered by a number of wholesalers, Rayell included, and we highly recommend participating and getting those requests in asap!

This is beneficial to both the customer and the wholesaler in that it allows for quick turnaround of containers - the stock comes in the door, is assigned to those pre-orders, and is out the door and on it’s way to our customers very quickly! The balance is then offered to any customer who hasn’t ordered.


Most of the Rayell containers are largely accounted for up until the end of the year. So, the smart customers got on this pre-order bandwagon at the right time! 


The other benefit to participating in these programs is that it allows your wholesaler to forward- plan. At Rayell we can predict what is selling and more importantly, what we need to put into production early to ensure that we can match our customer’s desire for fast selling stock!





For sell-out stock, our ‘Notify Me’ function on the website is your new best friend! Pop your email in against the products you are interested in and if they return to our site, you will be the first to know. 



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The current predicament is set to continue for the remainder of 2020 but we here at Rayell are doing our best to keep as steady a flow of containers as we possibly can. All we can do now is sit tight and support each other! If you are interested in pre-ordering or have questions about stock arrival, don’t hesitate to contact us.