Yikes, Another Trade Show Cancelled!






So no doubt you’ve all heard the news about the AGHA Sydney Trade Fair being cancelled due to the extended COVID restrictions throughout Australia.


While our finance team is jumping for joy at the positive impact on their forecasting and budgeting, the rest of the team have some mixed feelings about yet another cancellation. We thought we’d share some of what we’re going to miss with you!





Trade shows are a great opportunity for us to put faces to names. It creates the human element on what we do, particularly given that we live in a largely digital world these days. We love seeing our long term customers, who we regularly see twice a year and have become friends with! 


We equally love meeting new customers and having the opportunity to walk the Rayell talk with you. It’s one thing to tell you about us as a business, but feeling and sharing the vibe of the Rayell stand is something different entirely!


Team bonding and the creation of memories is another thing that will be missed. The jokes, multiple coffee runs, sore feet and complete exhaustion makes for some hilarious stories! That’s not to mention the dinners to celebrate big days and shared hangovers after the AGHA cocktail function and meeting up with old friends from the industry. 



As much as we miss these things, it just makes us all the more excited to kick Covid’s butt and reunite in Melbourne in the second half of the year!


The cancellation of the Syd fair will inevitably change the way stockists need to order. We are sure you will see many variations in how wholesalers deliver their incoming products to you.


We have got you covered with a digital alternative - we are currently busy working on a dedicated pre-order website for you guys! This way you can still see what is coming in the next few months, plan out your stock and put an order through - just like you would at a trade fair.


We will share more on this soon! But for now, we are just a phone call or an email away.

The Rayell Team