Who is Rayell?

Rayell is known for wholesaling awesome homewares products which are on trend, awesome quality, delivered at the right price. Our customers in Australia and the Pacific come to us for a huge range of artwork, cushions and home decor. Always evolving and growing, we aim to have an continual stream of new products to keep your customers coming back to you for more!

We are not content with just offering great products, the customer experience is hugely important to us, so much so that we want our customers to feel valued and enjoy working with us.


Minimum Order Values

All orders have a minimum order value of $200 pre gst and as much as we would like to bend the rules, we just can’t!

A small order is usually just as much work for us as a large order!

Our Trading Terms

Most of our customers pay for their orders at the time of checking out on our website. It’s really the easier and most efficient way to transact your order, and to be really honest, it means that it bypasses a good deal of administration and heads to the warehouse in good time! This ultimately means that you get your product quicker!

If you’re keen on having an account with us, please note that our trading terms are 14 days from the date of invoice. To qualify for an account with us, you will need to have a track record of at least three (3) proforma orders. You will also need to ask our Accounts Team for a credit application (email them at accounts@rayell.com)

Credit cards are a simple way of paying for your order and you can self serve on our website. However, bank transfer is also a great option, so you can transfer funds to:-

BSB - 014221
Account - 476379167

All EFT transactions need to have the Invoice No. as the reference so we can trace the payment and allocate it to your order!


Our Speedy Order Turnaround

We are known for our fast turnarounds and in most cases we can get the order out the door and on it’s way within 48 hours of you ordering. It’s a cracking pace but no point in dilly dallying!

There are peak periods where the warehouse is working beyond capacity. We ask a lot of our Warehouse Team and sometimes they really are only human! Where we can, we will advise when we are a little slower.

Having said that, we are always keen to work hand in hand with our customers and help out where we can, so please do let us know when you need stock urgently!

The easiest way to do this is to send us an email to sales@rayell.com or give us a call on 1300 859 728.



We try to keep this nice and simple!

We have moved to a percentage based freight system, so based on your location you will be able to see your freight charges when you check out.

We’re certain that you struggle with freight just as much as we do! This, seriously, is our biggest challenge and we have worked very hard to devise a system to charge you freight that is not only reasonable, but with providers who are reliable and ethical.

Please be aware that freight companies charge crazy amounts for out of area locations, manual handling fees, and a number (around 40+) other additional charges we get every week!

So, please be assured that years of experience has gone into developing the freight charges that you see on your order. Our constant review of freight charges show us that these charges are reasonable and fair!

Any Credit Claims?

From time to time things go wrong!
Our warehouse team works so hard to get the product packed and on it's way, but once it leaves us it is out of our hands.

Should you need a credit on any damages, please email your claim to sales@rayell.com.
Ensure that all claims are accompanied with product codes and images of the damage.

We try to be speedy with out turnaround on credits so the more information you give us, the faster this process will be!

Please Note: As a wholesaler, we do not accept returns for 'change of mind'

Facebook Marketplace and Market Stall Holders

Oh boy this is a tricky one!  In a nutshell we just don’t supply customers who want to advertise our products on Facebook Marketplace and who sell via markets.

Why?  There is a lot of reasons and here are a few:

  • We pitch our products to a certain market and because they’re heavily branded we don’t want them advertised via these forums

  • It has the potential to seriously undercut a lot of our other customers and we believe in a level playing field for customers

  • Our phones ring off the hook with upset customers who complain when products appear on these forums! We want to make people happy, not upset or angry so please help us out with this one!

If you need any further information, get in touch with sales@rayell.com and we would be happy to chat with you about this touchy subject!


While we’re on touchy subjects, let’s get the biggie out of the way.

We just don’t offer any exclusivity.

This is for all customers, no matter how big or small or where you’re located. Here are the reasons why:

  • We’re in business too!  Much like our customers, we don’t want to limit our business and by offering exclusivity we run the risk of alienating potential new customers
  • We believe we have a diverse product range and there is enough for everyone
  • We know that it’s tough in small towns when two shops buy the same products. We get it, and it sucks, but in this case we would encourage retailers to talk to each other and work through a solution. We field lots of phone calls weekly and in reality if the businesses talk to each other they can generally find a solution that works for both.
  • We are happy to put in alerts to try to ward off any double ups! Hope that clears that up. We’re keen to work with all our customers equally.


Essentially we are a company that is not set up to dropship products and at this stage, we do not offer this service.
Never say never, it is something we may look into in the future but at this stage we do not offer this.

Pre-selling Stock

Stock sure does move fast for us sometimes and we often see our new release stock selling out within a day or so! It can be hard for us to predict those record breaking stock items, so we often can't forward plan larger quantities! Oh if only we had a crystal ball!

We know a lot of our stockists like to advertise their stock on their online platforms however advertising stock without first securing supply is a very risky business and we have seen quite a few of our lovely customers run into trouble in the past. While we can't tell you how to run your business, we can guide you based on our experience, and our experience tells us that advertising before you have the stock mostly ends in tears!

Full Container Deals

Who knew this was even a thing right?

This is for those customers who are keen on larger purchases. This option gives us lots of flexibility - bespoke designs at amazing pricing. We do all the work, all you need to do is approve designs, unpack the container and give us a call when the empty container needs collecting!

We work with a number of customers on our “container program” so our product team and management are pros at getting the right product for an awesome price. It really is the most cost effective solution to larger orders.

For any enquiry, email manager@rayell.com or call 0466 498 023

So, I think we’ve covered everything for the time being!

If you have any more questions give us a call or drop us a line! We’d be delighted to help.

For all new product alerts, once you’re registered with us you will automatically be added to our newsletters! Check your spam folder if you don’t see our weekly newsletters.

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