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Wholesale Furniture

Premium wholesale furniture is a great way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to any space without the hefty price tag. As one of the leading suppliers of wholesale timber stools, benches and rattan chairs, Rayell is committed to providing you with on-trend designer pieces your customers will love and appreciate. 

Explore our expansive range of wholesale furniture to find handmade pieces to enhance your product collection. Whether you’re looking for wholesale timber risers, ottomans, or benches, we have a style that will seamlessly match your brand portfolio. 

Explore the finest wholesale furniture and homewares

Whether you’re searching for chic home accessories to complement your ‘all natural’ visual language or looking for stand-out pieces that match a rustic vibe, we have wholesale furniture that’s perfect for your brand. Our selection of wholesale furniture includes: 

  • Wholesale timber stools — Simplistic designer stools made using high-quality Paulownia wood. Our wholesale timber stools are ideal for table or corner stool use. We offer contemporary styles, including Kai, Kaiden, Mele, Moki and many more. Plus, you can choose between a natural timber finish or a rustic whitewash to match your brand’s aesthetic. 
  • Wholesale timber risers — A complementary piece to every decor theme and setting, our wholesale timber risers are the ideal choice for displays and interior styling. Made using premium quality Paulownia wood, each timber riser will create an attention-grabbing statement. 
  • Wholesale rattan chairs — Statement-making, handmade chairs crafted from premium quality natural rattan. These wholesale rattan chairs are casual and stylish additions to any spatial setting needing a bohemian touch. Our wholesale rattan chairs are available in various styles, including Bird Cage, Brittain Wing, Freya, New Columbus and more. 
  • Wholesale timber benches — Handcrafted with the finest Paulownia wood, our range of wholesale timber benches will seamlessly fit into any spatial setting. From additional surface spaces to corner displays, our timber bench styles will help spark a conversation wherever they’re placed. 
  • Wholesale ottomans — Crafted with luxurious Paulownia wood, our wholesale ottomans will add a pop of colour to any area. Crafted and covered with printed linen, our statement-making wholesale ottomans will add a touch of playful vibrancy with eye-catching prints like palm leaves and polka dots. 

Shop exclusive wholesale furniture at Rayell today 

Here at Rayell, we pride ourselves on our expansive range of wholesale furniture. Committed to helping your brand grow as we expand, our collection offers an ideal selection of homeware styles that your customers will cherish for years to come. Adding an aesthetic touch to any interior setting, we’re dedicated to designing new and innovative wholesale furniture that caters to the latest interior and exterior trends. 

If you need help choosing the right fit for your store, our team of furniture specialists are here to help you every step of the way. Looking to buy wholesale furniture or other homewares? Get in touch with our team at Rayell to learn more about our bulk orders, payment methods and shipping options today!