100 Fast Facts of how we made it to be a AFR Fast 100 Company

In celebration of our entry to the Australian Financial Review Fast 100 List, we have sat down and put together 100 Fast Facts about Rayell. These musings are our take on what has lead us to where we are today.

Our ongoing growth as a homewares wholesaler is attributed to the pride for what we do and where we are going. It’s also all about how we think and feel about the business we have created. Our team is aligned in dedication and humour and we thought it would be fun to give you a behind the scenes glimpse into our ethos, with some tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way!

We can’t guarantee that they will all work for you, but we can say that you will have a bit of a laugh along the way. So grab a coffee take a seat and get a sneak peek of 100 Fast about Rayell compiled by our team!

1. We focus on the positive

2. When faced with a negative we look for what we can learn and improve

3. Humour solves most problems

4. Customers do business with people they like

5. We've learned to be creative problem solvers

6. Teamwork is everything

7. Responsiveness is the key to building great customer relationships

8. Knowledge about your business - pay attention to facts and figures

9. Inclusiveness works

10. We stay abreast of current trends and what our customers expect

11. Having a laugh and saying good morning sets you up for the day.

12. Your website is your portal to your customers, make sure you’re dressed to impress

13. Offer more to customers than they expect and they will be taken by surprise

14. Always answer the phone with a smile

15. Kevin’s usually a pretty good pick on product, even if we are all doubtful!

16. Highland bovines have got to be the world’s most popular cow!

17. Be adaptable

18. Changing someone’s desktop image on a regular basis can lift EVERYONE’S spirits

19. You don’t really know someone until you do a 7 day trade fair set up and pack down

20. Having a chocolate bowl in the lunch room really tests your self control

rayell chocolate bowl


21. Turn your negatives into positives

22. Let other’s inspiration, inspire you

23. Carpe diem

24. Change is good

25. Branding is everything

26. Set goals and tick them off as you complete them

27. Coffee is ALWAYS the answer

28. Working with an eclectic team of people broadens your view

29. Team building creates a team!

30. Home decor is not a luxury...it is a NECESSITY

31. If you do what other companies do, you'll get the results that they get - both good and bad!

32. Just because you think that artwork would look amazing in your house, does not mean it will sell to the general public!

33. Although the hype is around digital marketing and online transactions, trade shows are still important for face to face business relationships

34. A cactus on your desk does not survive without real sunlight :(

35. Uber Eats is the new office meals on wheels

36. Mars Bars are an office winner, Skittles are not

37. Rayell Nespresso machine, coming to a trade fair near you

38. Make the tough decisions in the AM, not in the PM when you've made enough decisions for the day

39. A tired mind is more likely to make poor decisions. Rest up and leave that for tomorrow.

40. Always keep Moet on your desk

rayell moet


41. Next Rayell head office must have: a lush coffee shop at the back with free coffee for staff and visitors!

42. Work like a captain, Play like a Pirate

43. A sense of humour is key!

44. One Nespresso pod is never enough

45. Puppies make great colleagues

46. Sharing is caring

47. Weekly team meetings for reflection and goal setting

48. Celebrate and reward the little things

49. Asking for help is ok!

50. Collaboration is important

51. Praise your staff when they do well and coach them when they could do better.

52. Two words.... “The Cloud”

53. Team Rayell is like a well oiled machine

54. We have a ’never say no’ attitude!

55. Success means doing it right even when no one is looking

56. Team Rayell means ‘I've got your back’

57. Nothing is impossible

58. The success of Team Rayell is working together.

59. We say yes to new adventures.

60. Talk back radio is never a good idea in a warehouse

rayell radio


61. Shared goals and passions make for a strong team

62. Our personal success mirrors our professional success

63. Amazing things happen when you're governed by an amazing boss!

64. Digital marketing and Fishing have 2 things in common. Exciting & Fun.

65. Keywords are the center of online marketing.

66. Trial and error are part of the system.

67. Google is either a friend or foe... Or both.

68. The online world is enormous! Explore & search for new learnings everyday.

69. Frustrations are inevitable. Best to just wipe it off.

70. Website traffic is like your child, its a pleasure to watch it everyday.

71. Love your website and it will love you back.

72. You are who you hang around, so be conscious of your environment.

73. Relationships are key to life - treat others how you wish to be treated

74. Fruit flies can drive your boss demented

75. Be adaptable - keep reinventing yourself as a business

76. One trick ponies run out of puff

77. Sometimes you need to take a deep breathe and embrace risk and change

78. Team Rayell works hard but stays humble.

79. Admit to others when you’re wrong - it goes a long way

80. There are two types of people in the world, box hoarders and box tossers!

sebastian of rayell


81. Never work as a robot, everything changes all the time.

82. Your job is your second home, just enjoy and smile.

83. If you are stressed, take a break

84. Work together and everything will be easier.

85. Do not be quiet, ask and learn

86. Do not be shy and share time with others

87. Everyday is a new challenge

88. K-mart is a dirty word

89. There is nothing like the excitement of new samples arriving via air freight.

90. Wear enclosed shoes to keep Papa Rayell happy

91. Take the paper clips out of your pockets prior to doing laundry

92. Early marks on a Friday are the best way to start the weekend!

93. Product development meetings are SO exciting

94. Don’t leave your snacks (smoked nuts) on your desk when you leave for the day because your office roommate will eat them all

95. Inventory counts are not an exact science

96. As Mandela said - it always seems impossible until its done

97. Step into the relationship with your customers - it sets the tone going forward

98. Start as you intend to finish

99. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

100. Reinvention is the mother of business