The Art of Merchandising Wall Art

Today’s trends are calling for more large scale wall art or a series of interacting works clustered for visual impact. Larger wholesale wall art also attracts more attractive margins but the trick for retailers has to be how to merchandise these artworks effectively instore to motivate your customers to purchase! At Rayell, our wholesale wall art buying team has been steadily increasing the range of these big artworks to suit demand.


lavish abode wall art
Photo reproduced with the permission of Lavish Abode


A vital strategy for all retailers starts with effective visual merchandising as it is the key ingredient to enticing customers into the store. When approaching merchandising, there are many factors to consider in addition to simply placing the product. Using your large scale wholesale wall art as a focal point for your display, consider the colours, shapes and textures of companion products to create a merchandising theme. Consider the type of wall decor you wish to use – canvas, metal or floating frame wholesale artwork.


belle collection robina wall art
Photo replicated with the permission of Belle Collection, Robina


Whilst there are no hard and fast rules when creating themes its always best to keep in mind current trends, how to introduce new products and in the case of multi site retailers, create synergy in each store that speaks about your brand.


owner wall art shop
Photo replicated with permission of the owner


Surface art has always had the ability to lift a space to the next level. When merchandising consider the mood you wish to create. Does the season call for tropical hues? Or does your inventory run long in Boho which you need to merchandise to reduce stock? Whatever the need, wall furnishing can heighten the mood of your displays. Then of course there is wall art on its own – a simple statement for dramatic effect!


rayell wholesale accessories
Photo replicated with permission of the owner