3 HOT TIPS to Retail Your Products Online

If you are a retailer selling home or giftware products online, there are tons of strategies you can do to increase sales and customer reach. To cut through the noise, let us just walk you through with the top 3 digital marketing tips for an online retailer that actually work!


1. Get Quality Traffic To Your Site

So you’ve launched your online shop, shared it with family and friends, and now you get to enjoy the luxury of.. Sitting back and letting the big bucks roll in! Well, not really. Traffic never magically appears... No traffic means no sales!

The most popular sources to generate traffic these days is by:

     - PPC (pay per click through Google Adwords),

     - investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation),

     - starting a Blog (the best part of doing a blog is it’s free!), and lastly,

     - embracing Social Media, which is our hottest tip for the homeware/giftware retailer


PPC can start from a tiny $5 a day and if you can afford it, it's great to play around and see what people will search for and click through to see. However paying for clicks is one thing. Optimising your website to ‘convert’ is another! So make sure your website has the right content to ensure visitors have the confidence to actually pay and complete their sale. For example someone might be searching for ‘feather juju wall art’ and pay $1.15 to click your ad and come through to your website. It's now your job to make sure you can sell it to them!

SEO and blogs are another source of traffic but to keep this article brief, it's probably best to consult with a 3rd party or do some thorough research before attempting this. Our top suggestion for the typical online homeware or giftware retailer is to embrace social media!


2. Be Social Media Active

The power of Social Media nowadays is remarkable. When used strategically over time, it becomes the most powerful and effective form of marketing. It may not be too obvious but social media is actually a great tool as the first pillar of digital marketing. You select a social media platform, grow your network, connections, community, and voila, you now have your audience where you can directly introduce or sell your product. Sounds easy? Well, it depends.

For the average homeware and giftware store, instagram and facebook are the top two solutions. Closely followed by Pinterest. Remember, start with one, grow from there and expand. Look at your instore audience and ask them where they look for homeware and giftware inspiration - That's where you need to start! And yes, it will take time and effort just like anything else in this world.

Make sure your content is worthy! Do not post for the sake of it. For Facebook or insta, the goal should be once a day but if you can’t handle that, then that's ok! Keep it simple and do the best that you can. There’s no point posting rubbish because your followers will quickly opt out. Don't forget to also pay attention to the time of the day you are posting.

Hot Tip: Is your audience the 30-45 year old mother of 2? Did you know that the most active time on instagram for this audience is between 2.50pm and 3.15pm. School pick up time where they are sitting in a car waiting for the kids. Amazing huh! So get your post out at 2.30pm…



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3. Build Your Own Brand

Building your own brand from scratch is no easy task. There will always be questions that will come up like “How should it look like?”, “Will it look appealing to my audience?”. But once you have properly established this, it goes a long way to setting a strong impression in your customers mind. In order to successfully build a brand, you need to be consistent and persistent on delivering it to your audience.

Our final tip: just get out there and give it a go! You just never know what that one post/picture or follow can bring to you in terms of revenue or referral whether its in store or online.

Have fun!