Our Big Move!

The logistics of moving a medium sized products based business is not for the faint hearted! But, I have to say, we’re pretty proud of ourselves!

After five years at our warehouse in Pentex Street, and six months of an external warehouse in Sydney, the time had come for us to bring it all together under one roof. Given the rapid growth of our business, we had simply run out of space and we were bursting at the seams, not only with products but with people!


Rayell Photo 3
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We knew we wanted to stay in Salisbury but the trick was finding the right space that would see us through the next three years of our growth phase. Luckily for us, the perfect solution was just around the corner.


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Image Property by Rayell


But getting products and people moved with little down time is no easy feat. Our loyal customers have come to expect a fast turnaround from Rayell and as luck would have it, the move coincided with an influx of orders and arriving containers. We promised ourselves only one working day’s downtime in processing orders and we are happy to say we didn’t skip a beat.


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With military precision, two pallet trucks worked in tandem with two teams, one at each site. One crew moved, wrapped and loaded the pallets into the truck in the specific order the new warehouse needed to receive them. The other crew received and placed the pallets into their new home! In the meantime, the office team moved the office furniture and set up within a couple of hours!


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With the move happening over a Friday and into the next Saturday, we were back fulfilling orders and receiving our first container into our new home on the next Monday!

Please come visit us at our new warehouse at 266 Evans Road, Salisbury. All our other contact details remain the same! The benefits of having a 1300 number is that it can move with you!