6 Trendy Pieces Every Home Stylist Needs


6 Trendy Pieces Every Home Stylist Needs


The days of the stark “perfect home” are over! While every living space needs to look stylish, it also needs to reflect the personalities and tastes of the real people who live in it and use the space. A house really does need to look and feel like a home, but why not have some fun with it?

Often a challenge for home stylists who view every room as a blank canvas, is how will I transform this space into something magical. Luckily, there are some great pieces trending this year which will instantly inject some personality into even the most plain and minimalist space! Here are six of our favourite trends right now!


1.Handmade Ceramics


Including some handmade pottery goods in your design scheme is the best possible way to give a space some originality. Anything made by hand is completely unique as no two pieces ever turn out exactly the same. The shape and form of the piece can set the tone for the overall feel of the room and give clues to the personalities of those who live there.

Ceramics are particularly popular this season. These charming accessories are easy to coordinate with any interior décor scheme. They often work best when grouped together in threes on different surfaces, bringing different colours, shapes, and textures together in a huge range of interesting combinations.




2. Great Lighting

When it comes to creating the ambience you want in any room, the right lighting is absolutely key. Lighting can be used to make a small room look larger or to highlight a particular area of a room. Alternatively, you can use it to create a cosy, welcoming feel which instantly transforms any living space into a real home.

A statement chandelier is a great piece to hang from the ceiling. It becomes a focal point which pulls the design of the room together and is ideal for adding a touch of opulence to a minimalist décor scheme. When turned off, the chandelier acts as a piece of art in its own right, thanks to its intricate styling.

When you want a more relaxing feel, candles add the perfect touch of warmth. Group some fancy candle holders together on any surface to give the room an instant burst of personality.


3. Cushions

One of the most important things to consider when styling a room is texture. Along with colour and pattern, texture is an element which truly gives a room some individuality, providing that all-important “lived-in” look.

Even the most contemporary, minimalist space can be improved by choosing the right cushions. Bright, fun prints are an ideal way of making the lounge stand out, while the texture will give the sense of increased warmth and comfort, encouraging people to sit and relax.

For best effect, choose a few cushions with contrasting colours, patterns and textures, and arrange them together. This provides a trendy look which is completely unique to the room you are styling. You can also use the colours in the cushions to coordinate or contrast with the artwork on the walls or to highlight certain elements of the interior design, such as the rugs or curtains.




4.Cosy Throws

A great way to add instant style and personality to a room, a blanket or throw can be the connecting piece between vision and reality. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to draw the eye with bold vibrant patterns, or something more muted to add a level of cosyness and warmth, the options are endless.


When styling a room, it really is the extra details that can help to bring a creative palette together. Choosing the right throw or blanket for your space can bring a room together in minutes and help to transform it from calm & relaxing to energising & inviting - all with a simple selection of fabrics, textures, colours and patterns. 


Play with different placements -  draping a blanket over couches & chairs is great to introduce an element of elegance and grace to a room (and also a bonus for when the weather turns colder to wrap around yourself and loved ones). For a statement, modern look, selectively place the throw or blanket over the end of the bed so it’s half on, half off but 100% aesthetically pleasing & chic.

Perfect for any season - stylish in summer, snug in winter!


5. Canvas Prints

One of the first rules of interior styling is that every room needs a focal point to bring the space together. Hanging a large canvas print on a main wall in the living space is the ideal way of achieving this.

With a huge variety of wholesale prints available, it’s easy to find a print that reflects the character of the room and its owners. For a more traditional home, try a canvas featuring wildlife or nature. Or, for a more contemporary look, choose a striking piece of abstract art.

You can also help to create a more cohesive room by choosing a print containing some of the colours which are prominent in the interior décor scheme.

6. Framed Glass Artwork

Hanging artwork on the walls is one of the most effective ways of adding some personality to a relatively neutral room. Framed artwork gives a contrast to a canvas print, and as framed artworks tend to be smaller, they are ideal for hanging on other walls, individually or grouped together.

This season, glass artworks are right on trend, particularly with natural-looking frames. If you want to create a look which will give a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere to a room all year round, a beach scene is the perfect choice. It will reflect the laid-back vibe of summer even when the weather is cold in winter!


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