The Impact of In-store Greenery on Customers

The Impact of In-Store Greenery on Customers


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One of the primary goals of shop-owners has always been to create a pleasant shopping experience for all customers. After all, a happy customer is always willing to spend more than a stressed one.

And the best way to create a pleasant experience is to focus on the interior of your store. Of course, offer high-quality products, but provide a comfortable and inviting space as well. For this, you’ll need in-store greenery. 

Greenery in a retail store can be of the utmost importance; let’s see why.


Shopping as a Source of Stress

It’s no secret that shopping is a source of stress for most. Time and budget constraints take their toll on customers. But while many of them do shop to calm down, their spending habits are different. They spend less and are much more likely to have a negative in-store experience. That can lead them to develop negative brand perception and therefore make them avoid that brand in the future. 

With many retailers being aware of this, most stores are designed to influence consumers positively. That’s why there’s such a great focus on the right product placement, the proper lighting, music, temperature settings, and more. 

But there’s still little thought given to in-store greenery. This could be what you need to drive more foot traffic and ensure a better shopping experience. 


Effect of Greenery in a Retail Store

Rayell has always been focused on helping retailers delight their customers and keep them coming back. And if you want your customers to stay loyal to your brand and keep coming back, you need in-store greenery. 

The reason behind this is simple: plants and greenery have a calming effect on all people, regardless of their character, personality, behaviour, likes, and dislikes. 

The biophilia hypothesis suggests that people have an evolutionary affinity with nature. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we enjoy spending time in nature and being surrounded by it. 

That isn’t always possible, of course. Especially not in urban environments and concrete jungles. 

But without greenery, our surroundings become overwhelming. Retail stores become too bright and crowded, too stimulating. 

With shopping malls becoming more of entertainment centres filled with restaurants, cafes, cinemas, it’s crucial to offer a more peaceful and inviting environment by bringing the outside in. That’s the most effective way to ensure your customers spend more time in your stores.


Combining Interior Design and In-Store Greenery


Naturally, it’s not all simply about placing a few potted plants here and there. The in-store greenery has to make sense. 

What this means is that you should ensure that your entire store is visually pleasing and sensible. Introduce plants that can be easily sustained within your store. Place products and artworks around the greenery that will complement it. Rely on natural tones and colours for a more soothing environment. Create more open spaces and avoid overwhelming your customers. 

You can even use greenery to direct foot traffic and make your store visually less crowded, and therefore less overwhelming. 

Greenery in a retail store has a lot to offer, and it won’t only make for happier customers, but also a happy staff. Contact us for additional on-trend products that will help you delight your customers and improve your retail interior design that complements your in-store greenery.