The Rayell Team - Keely Roberts

Keely tells us that she met the Queen in Westminster Abbey!  It sounds a bit posh but we can assure you that Keely is a super, down to earth, Brit who has decided to call Brisbane home!


After a long career in travel sales, Keely has made the shift to homewares, bringing with her a spark and joy for meeting and chatting to new people!  We personally think she does this job as an excuse to chat on the phone all day long!


This gorgeous lady is now looking after our customers in an effort to make working with Rayell a breeze.  She is particularly helpful throughout the onboarding process and will dedicate a lot of care and attention to our new customers so they’re up to speed on how to get the best from their Rayell experience!


So, a little more about this vibrant, fun lady …




What inspires you when decorating your own home?

I think you can get inspiration from literally anything. I bought a painting I really liked a few years ago, and decorated my living room around that! I have more sombre colours for the couch, walls, wooden floors... but then I'll add colour with cushions, large candles, plants, and art work. This means it can be regularly updated or changed without the huge price tags... bonus!  



My favourite homewares item from home

My piano! I decided over lunch one day that I wanted something musical in the house, and went to "look" at the local piano store.... 2 hours later, and it was all up and running in my living room! I've given myself three Youtube lessons since, and learned how to play the intro of Africa by Toto. Its a slow burn, but maybe I'll get to playing a full song one day! 





How would you describe your decorating style?

I like a pop of colour, and personally like a more "lived in" cosy home. This being said, if I suddenly won the lotto, I would convert a huge warehouse with tall ceilings, concrete floors, and have a really industrial wooden/metal kitchen. Maybe I just like cosy because my unit is fairly small! 




Thanks Keely!