Want a Sneak Peak to the Next Season?

Well don’t we have a treat for you! Our new wholesale homewares collection is now on its way and with it comes the most fun task of the season - the photoshoot! Don’t let anyone tell you photoshoots aren’t glamourous and exciting because they are!


The lead up to the shoot is always met with delight and excitement from all of our staff but that excitement can lead to drama and panic when the photoshoot date arives and all the stock has not!


No matter how much planning goes into it, it always comes down to the wire! 


Rayell artwork setup      rayell artwork photoshoot


This season was no exception! There was absolutely nothing we could do to change the fact we were missing our hero piece, not even stopping in to the DHL head office on the way to the shoot to beg and pled to get our shipment released!


Artwork or no artwork the show must go on! With a spare artwork and an idea we went ahead with the photoshoot! You need to get creative in this business!


On location we carefully placed an artwork in place of where we hoped to later add in the correct one. Even though it wasn’t the right size it allowed us to go ahead with our shoot ahead of press deadlines. We also shot an alternative just in case our crafty plan didn’t work.


A couple of days later the artwork arrived and with a quick few photographs in the warehouse, the magic of Photoshop and our amazing graphic designer we have our hero image for this coming season.



 rayell artwork      rayell wall art


It just goes to show all is not lost when things don’t go to plan. You just need to think on your feet and work with what you have. We think the final image is pretty incredible and we can’t wait to show you the rest of the collection in February at the AGHA GIFT Fair in Sydney!


See you there!