Date Posted:27 June 2018 

At Rayell we are all homewares enthusiasts. We simply love what we do and all of us talk endlessly about interiors and homewares, sharing ideas and thoughts on products and images that we see on social media and in stores. But when Rayell products hit the small screen on House Rules, it’s enough for some of us to lose our balance!

Because of our passion, it goes without saying that a good deal of us watch homewares and lifestyle programs on the television. For our business its smart to keep up to date with what the experts tell us, but more importantly its good business for us to be up to date with what Aussie decorators and renovators are looking for. Sometimes the experts and the regular shopper are poles apart and we want to be in the business of delivering products suited to the end user – the everyday decorator!


Rayell spotted on House Rules


To see our products in our customer’s stores is enough of a thrill, but can you imagine the joy and surprise when out of the blue our products are front and centre on the TV screen! Last week House Rules featured Rayell artwork in our gorgeous customer’s store. There it was, out of the blue, right there on the screen. Our boss nearly fell off the sofa!

So here’s the thing. This is a really big deal to us. Seeing our products on the television either in reality decorating shows, or as part of a fit out for an apartment used for filming it blows us away. It’s the same when our customers share their visual merchandising with us or allow us to repost their amazing images on social media.

It really is an honour to be included in these shows and more of an honour that our lovely customers share their images with us. A product to us can be one dimensional so to see if come to life in many many different new and exciting ways, is why we do what we do.

If we can share any of your images then please do let us know. As you can probably tell from this blog – we absolutely love it! Email sales@rayell.com or give us a call on 1300 859 728.