What Wholesale Customers Deserve?

The Wholesale Homewares Australia industry has become super competitive, with each wholesaler vying to win the loyalty of their wholesale homewares customer base. So what does it take to offer the service and products that wholesale homewares customers deserve?

At Rayell, we have found that a number of factors go into “delighting” our wholesale customers. Behind all that we do is the ultimate aim to create a transparent and warm relationship where our patrons feel heard and valued.

However, the essence of our wholesale customers’ needs is a constant flow of on-trend products that span across the whole spectrum of wholesale homewares and décor in Australia. It’s the understanding that our consumers, whether a homewares retailer, general retailer or stylist/interior designer, need to continuously update their merchandise to keep attracting their own clients.


rayell wholesale homewares
FLO82 by Rayell Wholesale Homewares


Our product selection is a long and inclusive process. The aim for us is to create our unique designs and utilise these designs in themes that span across our seasonal collections. The idea for us is to create a comprehensive collection that can easily be translated into for our wholesale customers’ customers!


rayell wholesale artwork
FLO78 Rayell wholesale artwork 1m by 1m


We at Rayell adhere to the belief that people do business with people they like and trust! All members of the Rayell team have been small business owners and our experience spans across all spectrums of homewares and interior design in Australia and beyond! We have an inherent understanding of how our wholesale customers like to be treated based on our own past experiences.


rayell wholesale accessories
Rayell Accessories Range 2017


So what do Rayell customers deserve? Great product, excellent communication, customer service and responsiveness. The understanding that you need product quickly and you deserve your homewares wholesaler to respond to your needs! At Rayell there is a genuine warmth and desire for our wholesale customers to excel and we do our best to ensure that we offer them the best support possible! We actively seek feedback and are continuously looking for ways to improve our service. It makes our day when our clients tell us that we are their favourite wholesale homewares supplier in Australia! Luckily for us this happens often!!