Why Property Styling is the New Black!

No matter the industry ,our customers all want maximum results for little expenditure or fuss. This rings particularly true for those in the real estate industry charged with delivering a spectacular result for very little cost. How do they achieve this? They recommend a property stylist to stage the home so prospective buyers can visualise and fall in love with their new home!

For those of us in the home interiors industries, whether it be as a homewares wholesaler such as Rayell, a homewares retailer, or a stylist, we are very aware that sometimes our customers can need some visual help to imagine either a product or a lifestyle. Rayell uses product images and lifestyle shots, retailers of course hone their merchandising skills to boost sales, and the property stylist transforms a sometimes drab or overly cluttered space into a purchaser’s dream home.


platinum property styling
Photo reproduced with the permission of Platinum Property Styling


Its not hard to understand why there has been a sharp rise in property stylists. Real estate agents have traditionally been faced with a vendor who has sentimental attachment to the home they’re selling. A property stylist can bring objectivity to the vendor’s living spaces which is matched by their experience in understanding current trends and what looks will attract a potential buyer. It’s all about identifying the key selling features of a home and placing furniture, home decor and wall art to bring those features to the fore.  


property styling interiors
Image reproduced with the permission of Lets Style Interiors


So how do they work? Rather than simply tidying up the home, they go further by creating a blank slate so that buyers can easily imagine themselves in the property. The stylist can either utilise the vendors own furnishings but more often than not they turn to wholesale homeware companies to build a selection of furniture, wall art, homewares to style a property. Rayell can attest that property styling is on the rise – this is our fastest growing market segment and accounts for a decent portion of our wall art sales! This is matched by research conducted by LJ Hooker which showed that by utilising a stylist sales prices spiked an addition 7.5 to 12.5%. For a commission based agent, the property stylist has become an essential tool in the selling process!