Pre-Order FAQs


If you have made a pre-order on our separate pre-order website then this page is for you! 
We have compiled useful info about the process and a list of answers to some FAQs.


How do I see my order now that the site is closed?


Great question! Our Pre-order site only stays open for limited periods throughout the year. If you have made an order and you wish to go back and look at it, the best way is to find the confirmation email you would have received immediately after you make your pre-order. This email has a copy of your order attached for your reference.



Can I change my pre-order?


At the moment all orders are being transitioned from one site to another, so changing things during this process is a bit tricky. For this reason, if you could hold fire on changes, that'd be great! Once we send you invoices as the stock comes in to us, if you still wish to make any changes, we can look at making them then. 



My order is small therefore my freight is high, can you hold my order?


Our freight is charged on a % based system, so it actually makes no difference to the cost of your freight to wait for additional stock, or to receive the products as we receive them. Any additional charges we get from sending out more cartons, we're absorbing ourselves, as we simply don't have warehouse space to hold too much stock - especially with 29 containers coming in for our preorder! So, from your side, there are no additional charges whatsoever.



We are in lockdown and cannot receive this order, can you hold it?


We are going to do our absolute best to be as flexible as possible for customers here. We totally understand that the lockdowns make things very tricky for everyone, and we're going to be working on this on a case by case basis to see what we can do to assist. Please contact us directly regarding your order, once invoiced, if you're unable to receive due to a lockdown. 



When is stock due to arrive?


We have over 29 incoming containers so there are lots of products coming in at different times. The below table shows product codes and their arrival time. Sorry for all the data - but with so many products this is the best can we can do!

Shipping of goods has been heavily affected by COVID so the dates provided are an estimate and are subject to change - so please take them as a guide only!!