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At Rayell, we are best known for our wide range of high-quality, premium artwork designs. Here, you will find some of our best-selling art pieces guaranteed to impress and delight your customers. Featuring both gorgeous, modern designs and more traditional styles that will perfectly blend in with any décor, your customers will fall in love at first sight with these premium art prints.

A diverse range of premium artwork to suit all tastes

Rayell proudly services and supplies a wide range of homewares shops and boutiques right around Australia. Every one of our clients’ stores has its own style and theme, geared towards providing exactly what their customers are looking for. At Rayell, we’re confident that you can find premium prints and framed premium artworks in our range that not only fit in with your store’s personality but that your customers will also adore.

From classic still life premium artworks to contemporary abstract pieces, gorgeous Australiana-themed works and breathtaking photographs — we have it all. So take a look through our online range today and find exactly what you’re looking for at Rayell.

Styling options with premium framed artwork

As a business owner, you’ll understand the importance of a properly arranged and well-lit window display. So you want to make sure that your premium artworks are displayed to their best advantage to tempt your customers. Incorporating our range of premium artworks in your window or wall displays is easy and effortless, and here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Symmetrical arrangement

    This kind of arrangement works really well for both odd and even numbers, especially if you have a set of artworks or a running theme. Whether you’re displaying three, four, five or more framed premium artworks pieces together, ensuring that they all line up perfectly can create a really aesthetically pleasing display.

  • Mix and match

    Hanging artworks of different shapes and sizes together can create a serious WOW factor. Your display also doesn't have to be perfectly aligned or centred; as long as it follows a flow that is pleasant to the eye.

  • Shelf display

    Who said you always have to hang artworks up? Save yourself the time and effort of measuring and nailing hooks into the wall when you can simply utilise a bookshelf or display stand to tastefully arrange artworks. This type of displaying also makes it easier for your customers to have a closer look.

There are all kinds of different guidelines and rules when it comes to styling art — but the most important thing to keep in mind is to select something that you really love, and that you believe your customers will love, too.

Buy framed wall art in Australia online

At Rayell, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality art pieces they will be proud to display in their stores. The premium artworks that we offer are in line with on-trend styles — ensuring that your customers will have access to quality prints and framed premium artworks that follow the latest design directions.

If you’re looking to buy premium art prints online, then you’ve come to the right place. Shopping online with Rayell is easy and convenient. Browse our massive collection of premium artworks online today and find the perfect pieces to add to your store’s selection. If you have any questions at all about our products or our delivery options, make sure you check out our dedicated FAQs page or feel free to get in touch with us.